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3 New Landscape Cost Saving Tips for Spring Projects

Just released, offers three new design tips that will help homeowners and designers manage landscaping costs for upcoming projects. Tips help consumers identify what project cuts will have the biggest impact on costs.

Shades of Green Landscape Architecture in Sausalito, CA

Calimesa, CA March 18, 2011- Beautifully designed landscapes do not have to break the bank, and can fall well within any set budget. has compiled three new money saving tips for homeowners and designers to cut landscaping costs on upcoming spring projects.

In recent years, trends in landscape design have allowed consumers to transform outdoor areas in both public and private sectors. Designers and homeowners, alike, are incorporating landscape elements like plants, hardscaping, entertainment areas and much more to create unique outdoor living areas. And while being able to incorporate all of these features is desirable, one must consider cost.

According to industry expert, Maureen Gilmer, these tips can save consumers thousands on new landscaping projects. Without sacrificing any of the project's design qualities, the tips include:

  1. Reducing plant sizes
  2. Varying hardscape material finishes
  3. Avoiding specialty construction, and choosing pre-fabricated options instead

These cost saving tips allow consumers to incorporate a variety of desired landscape features into any design, while staying within budget and maintaining the project's design qualities.

Visit for an in-depth look at each of these tips and information on how to incorporate them into an upcoming landscaping project. works with a team of professional landscape designers and writers to bring together the very best landscaping resources and information available. Homeowners, landscape designers and architects can also stay up-to-date through the site's training and events section, offering the latest on upcoming industry shows, classes and more.

For consumers ready to turn their landscaping design dreams into reality, the site offers a handy, easy-to-use Find a Landscaper directory to find local landscape designers and contractors throughout the United States and Canada.

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