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6 Expert Tips on Patio Design Now Available on

Six new expert tips on patio design available on Tips guide consumers with creative ways to make-over new patio areas by incorporating furniture, decorative accessories and more.

Huettl Landscape Architecture of Walnut Creek, CA

Calimesa, CA February 11, 2011- Homeowners looking to expand their living space outdoors have turned to building larger and more inviting patios., the leader in landscaping information online, has compiled a list of six expert tips covering patio design ideas for any new patio space.

Provided by industry expert, Chris Heiler, these tips cover easy and innovative design ideas for creating an inviting patio area where guests can relax and enjoy themselves. The tips cover:

  1. Using furniture groupings to define different areas.
  2. Creating a three dimensional space paying attention to floors, walls and ceilings.
  3. Using containers to divide the patio into different spaces.
  4. Ways to incorporate color.
  5. Enhancing the space by accessorizing.
  6. Ways to integrate water and fire features.

While not important to incorporate all of these design tips to create a wonderful patio space, homeowners and designers are encouraged to pick and choose the ideas that suit individual needs and desires. Focusing on one or more of these tips is sure to create a one-of-a-kind space for all to enjoy.

Visit the site for detailed descriptions of each of the above mentioned tips on patio design. works with a team of professional landscape designers and writers to bring together the very best landscaping resources and information available. Homeowners, landscape designers and architects can also stay up-to-date through the site's training and events section, offering the latest on upcoming industry shows, classes, nurseries and more.

For consumers ready to turn their landscaping design dreams into reality, the site offers a handy, easy-to-use Find a Landscaper directory to find local landscape designers and contractors throughout the United States and Canada.

For more on landscaping designs and ideas, landscaping photos and more, visit

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