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Landscape Design Tips from Brighten Winter Gardens

Winter landscape design tips help homeowners bring life to lackluster gardens with plants, containers and more from

CALIMESA, CA December 16, 2011- Winter focused landscape design tips and ideas featured on help make gardening successful year around. Tips guide gardening enthusiasts through cold winter months with information on plants, décor and more.

A multi-billion dollar a year industry, gardening is about more than just planting pretty flowers. Homeowners and gardening enthusiasts spend countless hours perfecting and tailoring gardens to fit their lifestyles, and when seasons change, so do gardens.

As temperatures drop across the country, and leaves begin to fall, gardeners often struggle with ways to keep winter gardens fresh and vibrant. While the bright gold and orange hues of fall make their exit, these tips, made available by, reveal three ways to make winter gardens the center of attention.

The tips include adding winter-interest plants that thrive during the winter cold, incorporating colorful containers that bring back vibrant colors, and finally, a tip for bringing life back to the garden by attracting birds that are native to the area.

Learn more about shrubs, dogwoods, perennials and other plants that can brighten gardens during the winter. Get tips on creatively using pots and containers to create focal points within gardens. Lastly, the site details the best ways to attract birds, along with what plants work best.

No matter what the season may be gardening can be enjoyable year around. For more on landscape design ideas and tips this winter, be sure to visit the site's Facebook page at

About works with a team of professional landscape designers and writers to bring together the very best landscaping resources and information available. Homeowners, landscape designers and architects, builders and more can also stay up-to-date through the site's extensive collection of articles, landscaping photos and videos on landscape design ideas, products and more.

For consumers ready to turn their landscaping design dreams into reality, the site offers an easy-to-use Find a Professional directory to find local landscape designers and contractors throughout the United States and Canada.

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