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New Landscaping Pictures Gallery Overflows with Landscaping Ideas, the leading online resource for landscaping design ideas has recently launched a photo gallery featuring hundreds of landscaping pictures. Separated into twelve categories, each gallery contains photos showcasing different design styles from landscape design firms across the country.

Amelia B. Lima & Associates of San Diego, CA

Calimesa, CA (April 28, 2011) - Choosing the perfect landscape design for an exterior space can be a daunting task. Luckily, websites like offer extensive resources such as their new landscaping photo gallery where consumers can gain design ideas and inspiration. These landscaping pictures feature completed landscape design projects.

Split into twelve categories, featuring backyard design, front yard design, patios, outdoor kitchens, fountains and ponds, planting design and six others, the gallery showcases different design styles from firms across the country. Perfect for those taking on a new landscaping project, homeowners, designers and builders can explore a wealth of design ideas for any space.

According to Sarah Hutchinson, columnist for, "The outdoors have become an extension of the home. With the rise of outdoor living, the need for professional garden design has also increased."

Armed with these helpful visual references, consumers can now accurately convey their hopes and dreams for their new outdoor space making the landscape design process easier for all parties involved. With a variety of styles to choose from, outdoor spaces can easily be transformed into a sanctuary, a retreat, an entertainment area or any other unique environment.

To view this extensive photo gallery and get great landscaping ideas from around the country, visit works with a team of professional landscape designers and writers to bring together the very best landscaping resources and information available. Homeowners, landscape designers and architects can also stay up-to-date through the site's training and events section, offering the latest on upcoming industry shows, classes and more.

For consumers ready to turn their landscaping design dreams into reality, the site offers a handy, easy-to-use Find a Landscaper directory to find local landscape designers and contractors throughout the United States and Canada.

For more on landscaping designs and ideas, landscaping photos and more, visit

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