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Flexible liners work well for creating ponds with natural shapes.

Ponds can be lined with concrete, gunite, rigid pre-formed liners or flexible waterproof sheeting. I almost always use flexible pond liner. It's better for accommodating freeform natural shapes; it's easier to waterproof and it keeps construction costs down because it's easy to haul in-even in limited access yards.

It pays to invest in quality supplies. In general, the better pumping and filtration equipment you use the fewer maintenance headaches you'll have. Remember, these items need to run twenty-four hours a day to oxygenate and clean the water. To reduce operating costs, I sometimes install two pumps. A larger pump can be switched on and off as needed for more action when you and your guests are outside, while a smaller one keeps water moving more efficiently for continuous filtration and aeration. This also reduces your need to add water because slower flow minimizes water lost to evaporation.

Trickle or Torrent?

I've noticed a difference between men and women when it comes to waterfall priorities. Women often prefer the gentle gurgle of a quiet stream while men want all the energy of a gushing cascade. Installing two different pumps can satisfy both needs here.

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