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Cobblestone Pavers

Using cobblestone to create garden paths and borders with Old-World charm

Cobblestone paving has an Old World appearance. Kelly McCarthy.

Cobblestones are a great paving material for achieving an Old-World, European look. The word cobblestone dates back to the 15th century and refers to a small stone that has been rounded by the flow of water. Originally, the stones used for cobblestone paving were collected from local stream beds.

Modern cobblestone is typically quarried granite that has been shaped to look like cobbles. The granite is cut into rough squares or rectangles and the corners are rounded. Individual cobblestones are very small, ranging from 6 to 12 inches square. If you want your cobblestones to be authentic, consider reclaimed cobblestones. They are likely to be more expensive, but it's worth it if you want an aged look.

Since cobblestone paving is uneven and bumpy, it is no longer used for large expanses with high use. While a cobblestone patio, driveway or pool deck may not be ideal, garden paths, borders and special accents are excellent ways to use cobblestone. The material will add character and charm to your yard and is highly durable. Cobblestones can be laid in a variety of patterns. Look at photos to see what pattern appeals most to you.

When considering cobblestone as a paving option for your landscaping project you'll need to be fully aware of its downsides. The first downside is that cobblestones tend to be quite expensive and if you plan to install a significant amount of paving this could put your project over budget. The second issue is that cobblestones pose a problem in areas that get frequent snow. Because of their uneven surface, it is difficult to completely remove snow from cobblestone walkways. This can result in cobblestone paths becoming iced over and dangerous.

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