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This small patio provides the perfect spot for enjoying the lake. Consisting of large 8’x5’ cut bluestone slabs, this patio is just the right size for a coffee table and four club chairs. Elsewhere on the property is a large dining and entertaining patio, but for this space, the owners wanted something more intimate.

For this small front yard patio, the desired effect was seclusion and privacy. A pergola with a sunburst design acts as a ceiling, while a variety of plants screen the patio from neighbors. The patio is made of brownstone with cut out planting beds filled with greenery to soften the design.

In this desert courtyard, there wasn’t much room for a large patio. However, the homeowners did want somewhere they could enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine. Their designer opted for a small flagstone patio with a four person bistro set. Bits of bright ceramic tiles were added to the joints to add extra personality.

When you live in a city outdoor space comes at a premium. Here a small patio was added to this rectangular garden to serve as a space for socializing. The space was maximized by keeping the shape of the patio square because round shapes create wasted space. A gas fire pit was incorporated into the outdoor corner of the patio.

When designing a small patio, you should consider its purpose before all else. This stone patio edged in cobbles didn’t need to be large because its main purpose was to serve as a viewpoint. As long as there was enough space for a few people to take in the incredible water views it is the perfect size.

If you live in a tract home you’re probably familiar with their postage stamp sized backyards. However, even with limited space you can still create a nice patio to enjoy. This one is made of poured concrete and has a seatwall along its edge. With its comfortable double chaise, it’s the perfect spot for soaking up the sun or getting lost in a good book.

Small patios are a great spot to set a romantic mood. This example has seating for two, a fire feature and subtle night lighting. Made using a circular paver design, the patio was raised up to make it feel like a destination spot within the rest of the yard. A patio like this only needs to measure 8 to 10 feet across.

When it comes to small patios, a little creativity goes a long way. Here the contractor departed from the typical square or circular shape and went with a free-form design that allowed the patio to fit nicely into a tight corner. A few feet of planting space were left behind the patio to create a buffer between it and the fence.

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