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Outdoor Tile Comparison Chart

See the pros and cons of various tiles appropriate for outdoor use

When it comes to choosing outdoor tile flooring for your porch or patio you don’t have to be overwhelmed. You’ll want to consider how the tile you choose will hold up in your climate as well as if you like the way it looks. When using tile for paving, it is important to think about slip-resistance so that you don’t have any unnecessary accidents. Use the chart below to compare popular outdoor tiles at-a-glance.

Material Pros Cons Style Durability

Quarry tile (extruded)
Slip resistant, universal appeal, widely available. Highly variable in quality depending on source. When low fired longevity is minimal. Uniformity may be irregular Mediterranean, Spanish, Ranch and Rustic home styles Quality red clay properly made and fired is durable.

Stoneware (handmade)
Improved red clay tile, universal appeal, frost proof, damage resistant Slightly more expensive due to additional firing. Mediterranean, Spanish, Ranch and Rustic home styles High

Glazed polychrome
Integrates unlimited colors and patterns into tile. Low cost. Wide availability Not slip proof unless specially glazed. Wide range of clay quality, firing and density. Suits virtually all design styles due to high variability of colors and patterns. Variable. Low fired tile not long lived.

Swimming pool tile
Frost proof, withstands treated water. Limited colors and styles. Spanish, solid or mottled only. High

Very large size, light weight. Industrial looking. Modern Very High

Unique jewel quality. Prone to cracking, scratches and efflorescence. May be difficult to install outdoors. Expensive. Modern Low

Green alternative, long lasting, intense patterns, good "feel" on feet. Not frost proof, porous, expensive, not suitable to water related locations Modern or traditional Moderate

Stone tile
Character of natural stone. Heavy, expensive, prone to flake and chip. Variable stone quality difficult to identify. Variable High

Wood deck tiles
Allows rehabilitation of older wood decks, porches and roof garden surfaces without rebuilding them. Expensive Traditional and modern Moderate

Saltillo pavers
Rustic, old world look. Irregular, poorly fired, soft, porous and requires sealing for use outdoors. Mediterranean, Spanish, Ranch and Rustic home styles Low
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