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Northern California Landscaping

Flora Grubb Gardens

Five reasons to visit this trend-setting nursery

  • Flora Grubb Gardens specializes in contemporary plants and garden décor.
  • You’ll be inspired to try new color combinations when you see how beautiful vivid colors can look in the landscape.
  • Vertical gardening is a major trend, and Flora Grubb has tools and plants for creating indoor and outdoor wall gardens of any size.
  • The nursery staff combines plants, furniture and pottery with an artful eye so you can get ideas for personalizing your garden.
  • Flora Grubb Gardens is also a palm broker, so if you live in the area you can order mature palms to give your landscape instant appeal.
  • The wide variety of shapes and sizes make succulents a hit in containers, vertical gardens, or in the ground.
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Your first thought when planning out a vacation might not involve visiting a plant nursery, but in the case of Flora Grubb, I’d beg you to reconsider. This stylish, modern San Francisco shop has helped launch a number of garden trends to popularity. Known for their expertise with vertical gardening, succulent container plantings, and the latest in plants and design, the nursery’s a must-see destination for plant geeks everywhere. Need more excuse to visit? Here are the highlights you’ll find when you do.

Fresh ways with colorNew gardeners often feel timid about using color in the landscape, particularly in permanent items such as décor. But after an hour in Flora Grubb Gardens, you’ll feel enlivened by their effortless use of vivid color.

The trick? Echoing. Choose just one bright color for each area and echo it boldly in the furniture, pottery, flower and foliage colors. The effect will be artful, yet will look cohesive and well-designed.

Vertical gardeningThere are many different ways of creating vertical gardens, from using columnar plants planted in pots for height, to planting wall pockets or vertical gardening frames with succulents, ferns or houseplants. You can even purchase hanging glass globes and create terrarium displays with air plants. Flora Grubb Gardens has examples of each of these techniques, as well as helpful staff who can show you which materials you’ll need to re-create the look at home.

Outdoor décorThe nursery is a stellar example of effective small-space design. While the nursery takes up a relatively small city lot, numerous garden rooms give examples of how you can design a cozy seating area using lounge chairs, sculpture, plants and other décor. Large palms, tree ferns and container plantings divide the spaces and set the scene for these attractive vignettes.

Palm treesWhile you can’t stuff a palm tree into your carry-on luggage, locals will be delighted to find that Flora Grubb Gardens is also a palm broker. This means that if you need a few stately, large palms to help your new landscaping feel mature right away, you can get the varieties of your choice from them.

Succulent plantsAfter reading Debra Lee Baldwin’s book Succulent Container Gardens, the gardening world exploded with new ideas for using these sturdy, water-wise plants. Many people use round moss baskets to create hanging succulent orbs to decorate a patio or balcony. Because of their year-round beauty, ease of propagation and low water needs, they are also a smart choice for creating living walls. Flora Grubb Gardens has a wide selection of these easy-to-grow plants to equip you for all of these gardening projects.

When you visit Flora Grubb Gardens, bring a camera because you’ll want to capture all of the new ideas and fun projects you see. There’s also a coffee shop on site, so you can relax and unwind while you enjoy the ambience.

Flora Grubb Gardens

Contributing Author:

Genevieve Schmidt, contributing writer for Landscaping Network and owner of North Coast Gardening

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