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Plants for a Modern Garden

Modern plant selection and grouping tips

When selecting plants for a modern garden keep the concept of simplicity in mind. The first rule to remember is that modern gardens should have a simplified plant palette - stick mainly to shades and hues of green. An occasional container with a colorful plant is a nice touch, but be sure to limit this. The second rule to follow is that plants should be planted in straight lines. This will add to the sense of order within the garden. The third rule is that plants should be grouped in odd numbers, preferably threes or fives. If you want to do a mass planting of one type of plant try planting them in a grid pattern.

Aeonium Low-growing succulent, round rosettes, sculptural quality, fairly drought-tolerant, not frost-resistant

Blue Fescue Mounding ornamental grass, semi-evergreen, USDA zone 5, needs full sun and well-drained soil

Feather Reed Grass Tall wheat-like ornamental grass, cool season grass, summer dormancy, prefers moist to wet soil

Agave Large, sculptural succulent, excellent focal point, drought-tolerant, tolerates temperatures into teens

Horsetail Reed This evergreen grows well near water, requires partial sun and grows quickly to a height of 3-4 feet tall

Kangaroo Paws This Australian native has red, purple, green, orange or yellow flowers that add a small pop of color

Succulents and ornamental grasses are good plant choices for a contemporary garden. Succulents come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and will add a sense of drama to the garden. Ornamental grasses are great for adding greenery and texture along a path or fence.

Video: Plants for Modern Landscaping

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