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Modern Patio Paving Ideas

Surface design options for a contemporary-style patio

Modern paving materials are simple, clean and have an organic quality. Concrete pavers and wood are the materials of choice for landscape designers. They can be used alone or in conjunction with each other. When designing a modern patio, curved lines should be avoided, straight edges and ninety degree angles will work better.

Characteristics of Modern Paving Design:

  • Using an oversized grid pattern
  • Creating straight lines by running materials in the same direction
  • Creating geometric patterns

Concrete Square or rectangular concrete pavers are a popular paving choice for a modern patio. They can be laid to form a grid, creating a geometric pattern. The spaces between each paver can be filled with gravel or river rock, grass can even be grown in between.

Wood Decking Another paving option for a modern patio is wood decking. Ipe, a durable Brazilian hardwood, looks especially good in a contemporary setting. Select narrow boards and have all of them installed running the same direction. Deck tiles are another wood material that can be used to bring modern style to your patio. They can easily be snapped into place on top of an existing patio surface as long as it is level.

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