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Mexican Paving Materials

Ideas for paving a Mexican style patio

Stained concrete pavers in a circular pattern help create an old world Mexican atmosphere. Split-Rok Construction Co.

The most important element of a Mexican garden is the paving. Ceramic tiles in warm reds, browns and terra cottas are characteristic of Mexican garden design. This look can easily be created with concrete. A stamp with a tile pattern can be used and the concrete can be colored to mimic traditional ceramic paving materials. Decorative borders with Mexican flair can also be added when stamping concrete. Colorful Talavera tiles can be incorporated into your paving for added cultural flair. Another common paving practice in Mexico is the creation of mosaic patterns by embedding small stones in concrete. Additionally, Aztec designs can be created on your concrete using stencils or saw cuts. Another option is to install concrete pavers or tiles for an old world look.

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