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This photo helped Deborah realize that what she thought were matching topiaries are actually two very different shades of green. She was then able to conclude that they got different amounts of sun. Deborah Silver

After reading some thoughts on garden photography from Deborah Silver, I began to think about how the average homeowner could use self-shot pictures to gain new perspectives on their yards. As pointed out by Deborah, a picture has four edges which frame a view, forcing you to focus on just one area. By taking and studying photographs of your own yard, you may be able to discover what you like and what you want to change.

So, if you are thinking about making changes or improvements to you yard's landscaping, start by taking photos of the existing space. Look at these photos on your computer, or better yet have them developed, so that later you can easily give them to a landscape architect or contractor. It is likely that by looking at your pictures you will gain new insights into what you would like to do with your yard. Make notes of both the positives and negatives you see, spaces you'd like to develop, and whatever else comes to mind. These notes and pictures will be a great starting point for a professional landscape designer. And ultimately, the end result of your landscaping project will be more in line with your needs and tastes because you did your homework.

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