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Patrick Cline

Patrick Cline

Patrick Cline

Today I'm sharing from one of my favorite sources of inspiration - Lonny Magazine. Lonny is a free online magazine that's full of beautiful photos of interior and exterior living spaces, as well as all sorts of great design finds and tips. In each issue I always find a gorgeous outdoor living space, sometimes two or three. In their August/September issue, Lonny featured the home of English textile designer Cath Kidston - and wow, her garden is amazing!

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What I love most about Kidston's London garden is the marriage of old and new. The garden is surrounded by an 18th-century brick wall that adds privacy and character to the space. When thinking about your own yard, be sure to consider existing elements and how they could be incorporated into a new design.

While the wall brings loads of history to Kidston's garden, the paving adds contemporary style. Rectangular pavers in a light grey were used to create a smooth, clean patio. I especially like how Kidston blurred the typically distinct division between paving and greenery. Small sections within the patio were left unpaved and used as planters. And to add even more modern flair, strips of pavers in differing lengths jut out from the patio and into the lawn.

I also like the way Kidston's garden seamlessly blends formal and informal. Straight lines, sharp angles, manicured hedges, and a single color palette create a feeling of formality. But the selection and placement of furniture, such as the retro, patterned chaise lounges, adds informality. Don't be afraid to add an unexpected element to your own garden.

When thinking of your own yard, it's important to remember that it does not have to be all or nothing. Kidston's garden, which perfectly blends old with new and formal with informal, is an excellent reminder that garden styles and concepts can be fused successfully. Remember that your outdoor living area should be an expression of your personality and a place where you feel at home.

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