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10 Inspiring Pictures of Cleveland Gardens

Get ideas from these creative gardens in the Cleveland area

These gardens in Cleveland, OH were featured as part of the 2011 APLD Conference. The professional landscape designers in attendance had the opportunity to tour 24 inspiring residential gardens. Check out the creative landscaping ideas captured by APLD members in the photos below.

Concentric Stone CirclesThis patio was photographed by Lisa Port of Banyon Tree Design Studio in Seattle, WA. She particularly enjoyed the lovely shape, saying that it holds the design together, and the variety of the stone detailing.

Eye-Catching VignetteAnother idea captured by Port was this simple, yet interesting garden vignette. The oversized wall hanging and planted container come together to create a Zen vibe.

Grounded Garden DetailsThis picture was taken by Susan Cohan of Susan Cohan Gardens in Chatham, NJ. When touring gardens in the Cleveland area she was struck by the wonderful and thoughtful details that could easily be reinterpreted. This close-up of a carved rosette and bluestone pavers set in pea gravel is an excellent example of such details.

Abstract Outdoor ArtGenevieve Villamizar, of Evolving...Garden & Grounds Design in Carbondale, CO, spotted this unique inclusion of art in the landscape. The colorful sculptures seem to represent a multi-cultural group of people. Villamizar notes that the the display can be enjoyed from multiple perspectives, she liked it against views of the city.

Backyard Living RoomThis backyard patio, designed by DTR Associates, features a gorgeous stone fireplace and a pair of stylish chairs for lounging. For Villamizar all that was missing was a chenille throw and glass of red wine.

See-Through SculpturePhotographed by Adam Woodruff, of Adam Woodruff + Associates in St. Louis, MO, this stone sculpture has three openings that allow you to see through to the other side. A well-placed sculpture, such as this one, can help to unify the design of a garden and create added interest.

Woodland Swimming PondAnother picture from Woodruff, this swimming pool, which looks a lot like a pond, fits perfectly into its woodland setting. Natural stones were used to create a waterfall and a large boulder was set in the middle of the pool. The color of the water also has an authentic-ness that is difficult to replicate. Additionally, plants grow right up to the edge of the pool, as if they had sprouted up naturally.

Relaxing Patio FountainAsk a landscape designer how to create an atmosphere of relaxation and they are likely to suggest incorporating water. Woodruff admired this custom water feature designed by DTR Associates for a home that sits on the shores of Lake Erie. The fountain is integrated into the perimeter wall of the outdoor dining patio.

Outdoor ChessThis giant outdoor chess board, spotted by Woodruff, is really quite simple. It consists of light and dark stone pavers surrounded by grass. The chess pieces are large enough that very little bending is required to make a move.

Colorful Glass PebblesThis photo, which was posted to APLD's Facebook page, shows glass pebbles in an assortment of bright colors being used to fill the gap between paving stones. Many designers use river rock or gravel to provide texture between pavers, this is a vibrant twist on the same concept.

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Contributing Author:

Sarah Hutchinson, contributing writer for Landscaping Network

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