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Fire & Water Features

Opposites attract in these fire & water pots, from Scottsdale Water Designs

You’ve heard it said that politics make strange bedfellows. Or there’s the commonly held belief that opposites attract. No matter how illogical it may seem, often two things with vast differences work very well together. This is the case with the fire & water pots from Scottsdale Water Designs.

Granite Millstone Fountains

Symbols of our agricultural past, from Stone Forest

In today's world, getting flour is as easy as strolling down aisle four in your local supermarket. However, prior to the Industrial Revolution, grinding wheat was a labor intensive process. Millstones, once used to grind grain into flour, are now symbols of our agricultural past. Today's technology has made them obsolete and they are finding new life in the garden.

Stone Sphere Fountain

A water feature inspired by the mysteries of outer space

Much like Pluto, this water feature is round, dark and captivating. See how this pebble-clad fountain can bring mystery and intrigue to your garden.

Antique Garden Fountains

Limestone & lead fountains inspired by European tradition

Water has been an integral part of European outdoor living since the 17th century. You can add a bit of this tradition to your own garden with a lead or hand-carved limestone fountain. Authentic Provence offers a wide variety of antique garden fountains in freestanding and wall models.

Mid-Century Garden Elements

Modern sculptures, fountains and more

PCO Design offers custom outdoor furniture, containers, architectural structures, sculptures, fountains and other unique garden elements. Their designs have a modern vibe that would perfectly complement a mid-century inspired landscape. Check with the Austin, TX based company to see if they do work in your area.

Fountains, Fountains, Fountains

Spouts, scuppers, bowls & more

Inspired by old-world designs, a water feature from Fountains Unique will make an elegant addition to any yard, garden, or courtyard. With an array of products offered, including complete wall and freestanding fountains as well as fountain spouts and accessories, you are sure to find what you need for your project. The fountain spouts and other parts are available in four patina finishes - oil rubbed bronze, rust, black with verdigris and black. Fountains Unique also offers custom design, parts and mosaics.

Modern Wall Fountain

Times Three Fountain from Potted

The stunning, yet subtle Times Three Fountain would be the perfect addition to any contemporary garden. The fountain features three small spouts that spill into a rectangular trough, providing a relaxing sound. Stone birds that perch happily upon the fountain add a final touch. Local delivery is offered through Potted, a garden store in the Los Angeles area.

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