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A millstone fountain installed with a fountain installation kit and black Mexican beach pebbles.

In today's world, getting flour is as easy as strolling down aisle four in your local supermarket. However, prior to the Industrial Revolution, grinding wheat was a labor intensive process. Millstones, once used to grind grain into flour, are now symbols of our agricultural past. Today's technology has made them obsolete and they are finding new life in the garden.

An authentic milestone can be hard to come by and cost a lot. Stone Forest offers milestone replicas that are carved from granite boulders. The milestones come ready to be plumbed for use as a fountain. Two sizes are available: 30" and 36". Since they are made from natural stone, they are as close as you can get to owning a traditional millstone without actually buying an antique.

The millstone fountain can be installed with a hidden reservoir to create a pondless effect. A pond liner is installed below grade with a submersible pump. Then the liner can be covered with Mexican beach pebbles, which look great and allow the water to drain back into the reservoir. The millstone itself will rest atop a pedestal that makes it float a few inches above the pebbles so that the cascading water can be seen and heard.

Once installed in your garden, a millstone fountain will provide a unique visual and auditory experience. People, as well as animals, will be drawn to the fountain and the soothing atmosphere it creates. You'll be amazed at the new life it beckons and sustains.

If you'd like a piece of history in your garden, a millstone is an excellent choice. It represents our farming roots and ingenuity in a simple and classy fashion.

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