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Stone Sphere Fountain

A water feature inspired by the mysteries of outer space

  • The spherical fountain is clad in dark pebbles.
  • The water feature can be custom designed to meet your size needs.
  • Water cascades over the pebbles creating a feast for the eyes and ears.
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With over 3 billion miles between it and the sun, Pluto is a cold, dark orb. Since its discovery in 1930, Pluto has been a source of mystery and intrigue for people around the globe.

You could buy yourself a high-powered garden telescope to catch glimpses of Pluto, or opt for the Dark Planet Fountain, which is much easier to spot. Named for its dark color and round shape, the David Harber fountain appears to float effortlessly above its reservoir while water glistens down smooth, black pebbles.

Made to order, the fountain's standard diameter is 76cm, with other sizes available upon request. Included with the fountain is a reservoir, pump and LED lighting. Detailed installation instructions are provided along with telephone advice if needed.

David Harber also offers custom sundials and garden sculptures that are a fusion of art, design, mathematics, astronomy and craftsmanship. One of his pieces will bring just as much mystery and intrigue to your garden as Pluto has to the world.

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