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Wood Fired Ovens by Jamie Oliver

Celebrity chef offers the ultimate foodie must-have

  • Jamie Oliver’s ovens are perfect for a residential garden setting.
  • The dome60 is small and can be assembled in 20 minutes.
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British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has his own line of wood fired ovens, which he considers the ultimate foodie must-have. The line includes the compact dome60, and Valoriani kit ovens that can be used for custom residential installs or commercial applications.

Oliver’s ovens are ideal for turning your garden into a happening foodie hang-out. Capable of reaching temperatures above 840°F, the ovens can be used to cook gourmet pizzas, juicy roasts and much more. The ovens heat to cooking temperature in as little as 30-40 minutes, so you don’t have to plan hours in advance. Oliver recommends locating the oven near your indoor kitchen for easy year-round access. He also suggests building it under a cover so that you can cook rain or shine.

If you love Italian food as much as Jamie, a wood fired oven will transform the way you cook and eat. The Valoriani kits used in Oliver’s ovens come from a century old family business in Tuscany. The compact dome60 is well-suited for small city gardens or roof terraces, while the kit ovens are great for build-to-suit projects. The kits can be finished with brick, stone, wood or stucco. The dome60 can be put together in 20 minutes, but the kits take longer to install depending on the design and finish choices.

Whether you aspire to follow in Oliver’s footsteps to fame or you simply want to provide delicious meals for your loved ones, these wood fired ovens are a wonderful fit.

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