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  • The lighted address sign increases visibility at night.
  • A variety of fonts and icons are available.

Have you ever gone to dinner at someone’s home for the first time and timidly approached the front door hoping that a familiar face would answer? Many homeowners forget to think about whether or not their address is visible at night, leaving visitors to wonder if they are at the right house.

You can clearly mark your house both during the day and at night with an Address LED, a customizable illuminated street address sign. The sign runs off of 12 volt DC power and can be connected to an existing landscape lighting system or powered with a 12 volt transformer installed inside your home. The LED technology will last for over 10 years without ever changing bulbs.

The sign can be installed to the face of your home or at the end of your driveway or path, closer to the street. Before installing the sign, you should consider where drivers will be able to see it best. The sign mounts easily to a variety of surfaces using two screws. If mounting directly to your home, an access hole will need to be drilled through your wall for the power cable. If mounting remotely, landscape lighting cable will need to be purchased and run from a power transformer.

The sign is highly customizable to suit your homes style. First, you can select the frame finish - silver, black or white. Next, you can pick from ten fonts, ranging from modern to traditional. Finally, you can choose one of eight background colors. Furthermore, the design options don’t stop at just numbers. You can add your family name, the street name or any other message. A small image or icon can also be included to increase the decorative effect.

So, if you’ve ever had a problem with friends not being able to find your home, or even the pizza delivery driver, install an Address LED and you won’t have to worry anymore. The lighted sign will shine for years without using much electricity.

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