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  • A freestanding Claytonhill greenhouse.
  • A lean-to Claytonhill greenhouse.

Once the fog rolls in, the temperatures drop and snow blankets the ground, does your kitchen table turn into a garden? Whether you're a fan of edibles or tropical bloomers such as orchids, it sounds like you could use a backyard greenhouse. A greenhouse will help you keep your precious plants warm and free up your kitchen table for more traditional activities like eating.

Claytonhill Greenhouse Company offers prefabricated and custom built greenhouses. Depending on your needs, you can select a freestanding model or a lean-to that is attached to your home. They are made with high quality materials including aluminum frames, double strength glass and stainless steel hardware.

Their line of Hobby Greenhouses ranges from six to nine-and-a-half feet in width. Their Regal Gardener line ranges from six to twenty-five feet in width. Both lines can be ordered in your desired length. All prefabricated greenhouses include a heavy duty storm door and full length manual ridge vents. Additional options include, tempered glass or a bronze or white enamel finish for the aluminum frame.

If you are looking for something unique that blends in well with your existing home and property, Claytonhill's custom services are a good option. They can build greenhouses using stone, brick or other materials. Additionally, unique doors can be incorporated into the design. Furthermore, unique shapes such as octagons can be created. Finally, amenities can be added to the inside of the greenhouse such as fans, shelves, plant stands and more.

If you're ready to liberate your kitchen table, but could never say goodbye to your green thumb, then it is time for a greenhouse. Claytonhill Greenhouses are designed for serious gardeners just like you.

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