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Contemporary Garden Gate

Modern gate design combines multiple materials

  • This contemporary garden gate features colorful acrylic rods.
  • The rods catch rays of sunlight as they pass through the sky.
  • The contemporary lines of the gate enhance this modern garden setting.
  • Here the gate serves as the entrance to a postmodern home.
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This unique gate, with its grid design, lends itself to the architecture of the 1950's. Perfect for a post-modern setting, the gate from Charles Prowell Woodworks, is all about intersecting forms and the abrupt introduction of whimsy. Wood, tinted epoxy, acrylic rods and a teak grid combine to form a gate that has a truly captivating form.

A series of 1/2" diameter solid acrylic rods form a colorful geometric grid that narrows at the latch. With the movement of the rising and setting sun, bright light is diffused through the rods creating a constantly changing effect.

The gate is designed for a pedestrian entry and can be ordered in sizes up to 48 inches in width and 6 feet in height. Each gate made by Charles Prowell Woodworks is handcrafted by highly trained craftsman and artists and can be shipped across the country.

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