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A backyard theater system makes it possible to watch movies, sports and even play video games outside.

We’ve all had a bad night of sleep on an inflatable mattress. You wake up at 2am with a kinked back because the mattress has deflated and you’ve been lying on the hard ground. What about inflatable boats? Better keep duct tape on hand, because they always seem to spring a leak. So, the word inflatable doesn’t have the best reputation. But, don’t be too quick to write the idea off, because we’ve found an inflatable product that is actually pretty cool.

A backyard theater system from Open Air Cinema will bring countless hours of fun for your family and friends. Whether you are watching the big game, enjoying an animated film or hosting an intense video game tournament, this system lets you take the fun outside. The package includes everything you need: an inflatable screen, projector, outdoor speakers, an audio mixer and all the necessary cables.

The screen is available in four sizes, 9’x5’, 12’x7’, 16’x9’ and 20’x11’, all of which have a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio. Setting the screen up is simple. The included air blower will have your screen ready in less than 20 seconds. All you’ll need to do is tether it down using the cinch straps and twist stakes, the entire process is easier than setting up a two man tent. The integrated projection surface is matte white and has a black-out backdrop, which ensures the best picture quality.

You’ll be able to choose from a variety of picture quality levels. A standard definition projection package is available which includes a DVD player. A 720p package with a 3D option comes with a PS3. For top-of-the-line picture quality, a 1080p projector is available (this also comes with a PS3). Furthermore, the audio mixer allows you to connect just about anything to the system (mp3, laptop, iPad, smartphone, microphone, etc.). All the equipment comes with heavy-duty carrying cases.

Next time you want to have a movie night, think about taking it outdoors. It will have a nostaligic feel for the adults who remember the days of the drive-in and a fresh feel for the kids who are so used to being inside. Package prices start a $2,199.

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