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The Oborain Duo with changing area.

Similar to the feeling Tarzan gets when swinging through the trees, you’ll feel alive and invigorated after showering outdoors. Bathing in the Oborain outdoor shower is an exhilarating experience that will have you giving into the urge to pound your chest with your fists and let out a primal call.

The Oborain shower is unique because it is easy to assemble and plumbed with garden hoses. For the install, all you need is a level surface and an Allen wrench. Designed in Massachusetts, this shower is made to handle winter weather. When the temperature drops, it can be unhooked from the hoses, disassembled and stored until the weather warms back up.

The overall design of the Oborain is simple and sleek. High-quality materials combine to create a modern prefab unit that is comfortable in any home landscape. Cumaru and Meranti, both tropical hardwoods, are used for the shower deck and side panels, while stainless steel tubing is used for the frame and hardware. The showerhead and handshower offer thermostatic temperature control as well as multiple spray modes.

There are three models of the Oborain to choose from: the Solo, the Duo and the Trio. The Oborain Solo provides enough room for one to bathe al fresco, while the Oborain Duo has room for two. The Oborain Trio is a double shower with the addition of a changing room. All of the models come with doors for privacy, but can also be ordered “libre” or without doors.

If you’ve always felt a desire to experience the freedom of Tarzan, than an outdoor shower is perfect for you and the Oborain line is a simple, beautiful and functional option.

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