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Crooked Playhouses

Off-kilter play structures that your kids will love, from Kids Crooked House

  • The original playhouse can be customized with ten different colors.
  • The double deluxe playhouse has two rooms that are connected with a crawl-tube.
  • Custom themed playhouses are available, such as this ski chalet.
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Remember the crooked man that walked a crooked mile and lived in a crooked house? How about the cartoons full of funky houses with off-kilter windows? While you may not want to have a crooked house as your primary residence, your kids will likely have lots of fun in their own crooked playhouse.

A playhouse from Kids Crooked House is the perfect spot for your child’s imagination to run free. The playhouse sizes start at 4’x6’ and go up from there. Ten lively colors are available so that your kids can make the playhouse their own. Princess and pirate themed playhouses are also offered. Custom designed playhouses are also a possibility. You can even get a crooked village if you have the space.

Each playhouse is delivered to your home in ready to assemble panels. They are built with a pressure-treated foundation and high-grade, weather-tight exterior wooden siding and take as little as an hour for two adults to assemble. This means that in no time your kids will be out playing instead of sitting in front of the television.

If a playhouse isn’t what you’re looking for, Kids Crooked House also offers furniture, doghouses and swing sets. They’ve even made crooked birdhouses! Dreamt up by two dads who wanted to encourage their kids to play actively outdoors, these crooked products are something that you and your kids will love.

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