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  • Clinger Clip can be used to mount potted plants to your window frames.
  • Use Clinger Clip to securely display plants along your deck railing.
  • Easily fix containers to wooden patio cover posts with Clinger Clip.
  • Nearly any pot can be used with the Clinger Clip as long as it it taller than it is wide.
  • Clinger Clips can also be used indoors.

If you’ve ever watched a group of children learning to swim it’s clear that floating comes more easily to some than others. One child will effortlessly rest on the surface of the water, while another will struggle to stay afloat. With enough practice and acclimation to the water, most kids eventually master the art of floating.

With a simple product called Clinger Clip, you can teach your plants to float in much less time than it takes to teach your kids. The Clinger Clip is a metal bracket that allows you to mount a potted plant to nearly any vertical surface. Designed to work with a pot and saucer, it features a hook that adjusts to accommodate pots from 5 inches to 8 inches tall. “With the saucer there you won’t have water draining through onto your patio,” says designer Stratton Pritchard. With a planted pot and saucer in place the Clinger Clip is nearly invisible.

Pritchard offers this tip for selecting the best pot to use with his clip: “Don’t choose a pot that is greater in diameter than it is in height because it will be too tipsy.” The Clinger Clip can be used in a variety of ways both indoors and out. Outdoor applications include mounting it to a wooden patio cover post, attaching it to a wall near your front door, using it to display plants along a deck railing, or using it in lieu of a window box. You can even get creative and use more than one Clinger Clip to create a vertical garden arrangement.

Clinger Clips are made of weather-resistant galvanized steel so you don’t have to worry about rust. They are an American-made product since 1974. The clips are available in boxes of 5, 10 or 20.

Whether or not you’re good at floating in water, you’ll be able to make your plants float with ease. Clinger Clip is a simple solution that will help take your garden vertical.

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