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  • The LEDGE is a great spot to rest a glass of wine.
  • Turn a tall pot into a pub table by surrounding it with these slip on tables.
  • Wrought iron and acrylic glass construction makes The LEDGE durable outdoors.

Spilling wine or dropping your plate of appetizers is never a good thing. Often at outdoor parties we find ourselves struggling to balance both a plate and a glass in our hands. Sometimes we set our drinks atop a wall, or hand them off to a friend while we sneak a bite. The LEDGE, a wrought iron table that attaches to garden pots, offers a simple, elegant and affordable solution to this problem.

Pots, urns and even wine barrels can be transformed into a convenient table that’s just the right size for a glass and a small plate. Attach one of the shelves to the front of a pot, or add multiple to circle the entire pot. The LEDGE comes in three designs and is available in a brown or black finish. Made from sturdy wrought iron and acrylic glass, The LEDGE can be left outside and will weather the elements beautifully.

The Capri model fits round pots that are no less than 14 inches tall and 14 inches wide and have a wall thickness under 2 inches. The Siena model can be attached to round containers that measure 16 or more inches tall and wide and have a wall thickness under 3 inches. Finally, the Malibu works with square planters that are at least 16 inches tall and 18 inches across, the walls must be 3 inches thick or less.

Cushioned tabs make it easy to slip The LEDGE on and off pots. According to Sharon Duncan, it makes the most beautiful end table, with the flowers in the pot acting as a centerpiece. Place The LEDGE on a small pot for easy access while sitting, or place it on a taller urn to create a pub table that works for standing.

The LEDGE is appropriate for large and small yards alike. In a larger setting, The LEDGE can be used on multiple pots to provide table space at many various gathering spots. In small gardens, The LEDGE can be used where a table would not fit, you’ll get greener from the pot and a spot to rest a glass of tea without eating up too much space.

So say goodbye to the old balancing act you’re used to playing when entertaining outdoors and add The LEDGE to your pots. You’ll be amazed at how much use they get.

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