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  • The original City Planter has a hand finished rust patina.
  • For an even more modern look, there’s the powder-coated white version.
  • Finally, if you are looking for a bit more color try the color-blocked option.

All you Glee fans out there know there’s nothing better than a well-sung mashup - two awesome songs becoming one even more awesome performance. While you may not want to admit it, they’re pretty catchy. Here’s a mashup you don’t have to be embarrassed of, the City Planter by Potted. These wall planters hold plants and act as artwork.

Available in both horizontal and vertical orientations, the City Planter consists of a flat panel of steel with a small rectangular planting pocket. The planting space is incredibly well suited for succulents, which stand out nicely against the steel backdrop. There are three finish options: rust patina, powder-coated white or color-blocked (yellow, orange, black). The small size measures 20” x12”, while the large size is 30” x 20”.

Being incredibly attractive is not the only thing these planters have going. They are also extremely functional. An aluminum cleat makes hanging easy and the planters float off the wall and drain forward to prevent the possibility of rust running down your walls.

The City Planter is a new take on vertical gardening that will create an intense impression in any setting. Line them up along a long wall, light one like a prized painting, group them randomly, or place one at your front door with address numbers attached with magnets. The possibilities are numerous. Who doesn’t love a good mashup? Especially one as successful as Potted’s City Planter.

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