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  • The Ultimate Plant Cage helps plants grow upwards.
  • Supporting edible plants has never been easier with this adjustable cage.
  • Pepper plants thrive when secured to the Ultimate Plant Cage.
  • The support poles extend out as far as 32 inches.

Invented by a son who wanted to help his mom in her garden, the Ultimate Plant Cage is a fully adjustable plant support. “She drug me out to her garden as a kid and had me working out there, as I got older I saw that her plants were falling over and getting damaged,” says Mike Donaldson. To solve the problem Donaldson invented a cage that was better than the cheap metal or bamboo ones we are familiar with. The Ultimate Plant Cage can be used to support both new and existing plants and offers a host of benefits.

The Ultimate Plant Cage, from Global Garden Friends, trains your plants to grow upward in a controlled fashion. The cage is designed to snap together in seconds with support poles that can be extended up to 32 inches. Simple clips, called Ultimate Plant Clips, secure your plants to the poles and keep them from falling, even if heavy fruit is present.

Not only will this product make your plants look tidier, but it will also make them healthier. The cage is designed to give you the ability to open your plants up so they can absorb more sunlight. If growing edibles, this will increase your yield and the quality of your fruits or vegetables. With the Ultimate Plant Cage it will also be easier to harvest your crop because of its open design that allows for better plant growth. You may find the Ultimate Trellis Kit, which adds horizontal supports to the cage, especially useful for tomatoes and other plants.

The Ultimate Plant Cage can be used with a variety of growing mediums, including soil, hydroponic rockwool cubes and rock pebbles. It also works indoors or out. According to Donaldson, the cage works great with all sorts of plants, ranging from orchids to pepper plants. American made and biodegradable, you can feel good about purchasing and using the Ultimate Plant Cage.

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