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A Facelift for your Steps

Transform your landscape with Real Stone™ steps

  • These stone step products can be used side-by-side to create wide stairs with a grand feeling.
  • The Block Steps are thick and can be arranged in a curved or linear fashion.
  • Step Plates and skirting can be adhered to existing concrete steps, giving them a completely new look.
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Typically when we hear the word facelift we think of aging celebrities and wealthy housewives. The results are often awkward and noticeable rather than subtle and natural. Luckily, using natural stone your steps can be given a facelift with much better results.

Natural stone steps are suited for both front and backyard applications. They will provide a hint of casual luxury to your landscape unmatched by any other material. International Garden Artisans offers a variety of stone products for both new and existing steps. An old concrete stairway can be transformed with Real Stone™ coping and skirting or thick Block Steps can be used to create new steps with old world charm.

IGA’s Step Plates are available in three lengths and are typically between 1.5 and 2 inches thick. The front edge can be bullnosed of chamfered depending on your tastes. Their Block Steps come in the same lengths, but are much thicker (nearly 6 inches). These steps come with three sawn sides and one bullnosed face. All of IGA’s step products are available in sandstone, redstone, and greystone, with limestone available for special order.

If you want wide steps, IGA’s products can be used side-by-side to create the length desired. Additionally, the stones can be cut onsite by the installer if a different length is required. If you have a steep incline, the stones can be installed in an overlapping fashion, or if your grade is more gradual, they can be spaced out with gravel or moss filling the spaces in between. IGA’s step products can also be used for other purposes such as wall or pillar caps, pool coping, raised planters or even fireplace hearths.

Rest-assured that with IGA’s Real Stone steps your landscape will get second glances, but not for the same reason as a celebrity with a facelift gone wrong. Friends, family and neighbors will love the look of your new or improved steps

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