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Rustic Handcrafted Pavers

Concrete replicates the look of Saltillo tiles, from Arto

  • Arto uses concrete to replicate the look of Saltillo tiles.
  • Arto’s products create a rustic elegance that is unmatched in quality.
  • A variety of colors and finishes are available.
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Being an imposter is not something many people aspire to. However, deceiving people by assuming another’s identity can make one infamous, inspiring books and movies about their exploits. When a really good imposter comes along, we can’t help but notice them with amazement.

In the landscaping world, there are many imposters masquerading as more expensive materials. Most of these fall short of the material they are attempting to replicate. However, Arto’s line of Artillo concrete products does a wonderful job of assuming the identity of Saltillo tiles. What makes these tiles so realistic is that they are handcrafted to be deliberately rustic with color variations and irregularities.

Saltillo tiles are prized for their authentic Mexican style; however, they have many downsides. Saltillos are slippery when wet, stain and scuff easily, are very porous and will need yearly resealing. Concrete is less slippery, more durable and needs less maintenance. So with Arto’s products you can get the same look but with a superior product.

Arto’s tiles come in many shapes, sizes, colors and textures. You can opt for the traditional square or rectangle or for a hexagon or arabesque. Sizes range from as small as 2” by 2” to as large as 16” by 16”. There are over 30 colors and blends to choose from, ranging from gray to brown, to red and even green. For outdoor use, especially around a pool, it is recommended to add a texture to the surface of the tiles. Texture options include travertine, limestone and luna.

If you’ve always been intrigued by infamous imposters, you’ll also find Arto concrete products to your liking. However, in this case you won’t have a guilty conscious.

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