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  • Beneath this gravel is the Gravelpave2 system that keeps ruts and puddles from forming.
  • The right portion of this front yard is actually Grasspave2 that allows access to an RV parking area.

If you ever dreamed of having super powers, chances are you probably have imagined what it would be like to be invisible. You’d be able to sneak into all sorts of places, sometimes for good, sometimes for mischief. However you look at it, being invisible would be pretty cool.

Invisibility can also be a good thing in certain landscaping situations. Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2 from Invisible Structures are porous paving systems designed to support low-speed vehicle traffic. Both systems can be used for driveways, additional parking, patios, or for access to a barn or shed. No one will be able to see the paving systems because they will be covered by grass or gravel.

Grasspave2 is especially well suited for driveways or access roads. A flexible grid system with a series of plastic rings is laid atop a compacted base course that has been treated with a special soil amendment. The grid is then filled with a layer of sand and finally hydroseed is applied or sod laid. The grid has a 92% void space which allows for healthy roots to develop and the grass to cover the system entirely. The final product looks just like a lush lawn, but can be driven on or used for parking. The projected lifespan for this type of paving is sixty years. Maintenance is similar to a normal lawn, irrigate as necessary, fertilize yearly and mow with a normal mower. Rings can be removed from the grid to allow for placement of pop-up sprinkler heads.

Gravelpave2 is another porous paving option that works in a similar fashion. The grid of cylinders transfers the load of vehicles into a base course and holds decorative gravel in place. Gravelpave2 keeps ruts or puddles f4rom forming and virtually eliminates dust. The grid system is available in black, tan, gray and terra cotta depending on the color of gravel you use. Maintenance is minimal with Gravelpave2, requiring seasonal sweeping to re-level the gravel and the application of weed killer as necessary.

Both paving systems allow water to percolate back into the ground, will withstand freeze-thaw cycles and install quickly without special machinery, all while being invisible. So all you have to do now is wait to be bit by a strange bug or exposed to radioactivity so that you can have your own superpowers.

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