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  • A patio made with one color of Narrow Modular Pavers.
  • Two colors can be used to create an interesting pattern.
  • The pavers give this driveway a modern, graphic appearance.

Pavers are often associated with a more traditional style landscape and home. For many, they bring up images of cobblestone streets being traversed by horses and buggies. However, there is a more modern option. The Narrow Modular Paver, from Stepstone, is not your average paver. Its thin, rectangular shape makes for a graphic installation that draws the eye.

The linear shape of these precast concrete pavers makes them well suited for guiding the eye to a focal point, directing traffic through a landscape, or visually elongating a small space. Narrow Modular Pavers come in twelve colors and have a sandblast finish. You can use one color for a subtle pattern or combine multiple colors to create a unique design.

Color Options:

  • Granada White
  • Sunset Rose
  • Santa Fe Buff
  • French Gray
  • Iceberg Green
  • Almond
  • Café Brown
  • Expresso Brown
  • Malibu
  • Caramel
  • Agave Green
  • Porcelain

The original Narrow Modular Paver measures 3 inches wide, four inches deep and either 9, 18 or 24 inches long depending on your preference. A large scale version is available that that comes in either a 6 or 12 inch width and a 36 or 48 inch length. Combining original and large scales pavers in a single installation is also an option. The pavers can be installed with mortar or over sand. Specially designed spacers must be used to help precisely align each piece. When installed over sand the pavers offer a great permeable paving solution.

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