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A driveway paved with Eurocobble's Milano Grande and Firenze in classic serpentine pattern in grey porphyry.<

There's something enchanting about the sound of a horse and carriage driving over a cobbled street. It transports you to another time and place. Possibly to the action packed life of Sherlock Holmes, or the rags to riches tale of Cinderella.

Bring a bit of this enchanting quality to your own home with Eurocobble, a modular paving system that reduces the time and cost of installation, without sacrificing appearance. Porphyry is quarried in Italy, cut into cobbles, assembled into modules and joined on the underside with a poured matrix. This process creates sheets that make it possible to install multiple cobbles at one time.

Cobblestones are popular for adding drama and elegance to driveways and front entrances. Eurocobble offers a variety of color options. Their modules are made up of blends of a selection of the following: warm grey, cool stone, iron rust, ochre, rose, brown violet and grey red. Furthermore, different patterns, such as squares and fans, are available.

The biggest benefit of using Eurocobble's product is the increased installation efficiency. In one case, a crew of five was able to install over 1,000 modules in just three days. They can be laid using a wet mortar technique or a dry pack technique. You'll get the minute detail of small cobbles without the painstaking work of laying each one by hand.

No matter who you relate to more, Sherlock Holmes or Cinderella, Eurocobble modular paving is an aesthetically pleasing, installation friendly paving option. As you're driving up your new driveway, be sure to roll down your windows and listen to the sound of your tires rolling over the cobbles. While, not as authentic as a carriage, we think it will do just fine.

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