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Unique Shade Sculptures

Art and function combine in these shade structures from Tensile Shade Products

  • Tensile Shade Products creates shade sculptures that serve as a shade structure and a focal point.
  • The shade sculptures look great next to a pool.
  • Multiple shade sculptures can be installed for a unique look and sufficient shade.
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For centuries people have been producing functional works of art. Furniture, jewelry, clothing and more fall into this category. However, there are many cases where function has ruled for years. Wouldn't it be nice if everything around us was also an art form?

So you're thinking you'd like to add an artistic element to your garden? However, you're also in desperate need of shade. Shade wins, right? Not so fast, with Tensile Shade Products you can have both art and shade in one structure.

Not your standard patio covers, Tensile Shade Product's functional works of art look more like a bird in flight. The structures consist of a steel framework that supports a canopy of knitted polyurethane fabric. The steel can be painted or allowed to rust naturally, while the fabric is available in sixteen colors, ranging from black to aquamarine.

Commonly seen in commercial locations, the smaller versions of these shade sculptures are also well suited for residential applications. A grouping of the Sunami™ model will look great hovering over chaise lounges near your pool. Or try the Eclipse™ for filtering low sun or unwanted views from your patio.

Designed and manufactured in Arizona, Tensile Shade Products can handle extreme heat conditions. The steel is strong and the canopy has a 10 year UV warranty. However, in climates with considerable snow load or hurricane or tornado conditions it is recommended to remove the canopy during these seasons.

A Tensile Sculpture is the perfect solution for those in need of shade and looking for an aesthetically pleasing focal point for their garden. Including one in your landscape will make you a trend setter in your neighborhood.

Other cast stone structures supplied by Haddonstone include belvederes, temples and ruins, follies and grottoes. So, if you want an outdoor structure that looks great and lasts centuries, build like a Roman.

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