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  • Phantom Screens are housed out of sight until a button is pushed.
  • The motorized screens provide insect protection and solar shading.
  • This screen system was installed inside stone columns.

As the sun goes down your friends and family gather to enjoy a delicious bbq on the porch; however, the mosquitos join you, except they aren't there to feast on ribs. "Quick, grab the bug spray," someone says. And suddenly you're engulfed in a cloud of sticky, smelly chemicals. Dinner quickly becomes much less appealing.

There's nothing worse than slapping mosquitos while trying to enjoy a nice summer evening. Maybe you should have gone with a screened porch. But then you would have blocked your view and interrupted the flow of your outdoor living space. Get the best of both worlds with motorized retractable Executive Screens by Phantom.

Phantom Screens are unique because they retract completely out of sight when not in use. With the touch of a button the screens appear, providing insect protection and solar shading. The screens can be recessed into a variety of openings, including archways. Additional installation options include stucco, decorative, wood or stone columns. Phantom Screens offer an elegant and modern pest control solution.

If you long to say goodbye to slapping and spraying then a Phantom Screen is for you. Keep mosquitoes and other pests away with this unique there when you want it screening system.

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