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Landscape Structures Made from Cast Stone

Pergolas, pavilions, orangeries and more from Haddonstone

  • A cast stone pergola.
  • A cast stone pavilion.
  • A cast stone orangery.
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The ancient Romans built their structures out of stone and many of them are still standing today. The Colosseum, the Forum, the Pantheon - all examples of how stone structures stand the test of time. Haddonstone can help you build on this tradition by supplying a cast stone garden structure that will weather the elements for years to come.

A pergola from Haddonstone can serve as a passageway between sections of your garden or as shelter over a patio or terrace. The pergola columns have traditional styling reminscient of Greek architecture. The columns can be topped with wooden beams or a cast stone piece. A cast stone pergola serves as the perfect support for climbing vines with seasonal blooms.

With its columns, archway and a peaked roofline a cast stone pavilion has a classical appearance. Haddonstone recommends placing a statue inside the pavilion to create a focal point in your garden. Another option is to place a bench in the pavilion to serve as a resting point from which one can look out upon the garden. Haddonstone offers two pavilion styles that can be customized with cast stone flooring.

An orangery, similar to a greenhouse or conservatory, is a building with many windows and lots of light. Haddonstone offers a range of cast stone half columns and pilasters that can be used to create orangeries that are freestanding or attached to an existing structure. Style options include Doric, Ionic, Tuscan and Gothic.

Other cast stone structures supplied by Haddonstone include belvederes, temples and ruins, follies and grottoes. So, if you want an outdoor structure that looks great and lasts centuries, build like a Roman.

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