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Moonlight Globe Lights

Mysterious and romantic outdoor lighting

  • Floating moonlight globes make a fun addition to a pool.
  • Full globes can be used on nearly any flat surface, such as a stone pool deck.
  • Stone globes look like granite during the day and glow at night.
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The moon has always been a source of mystery and romance. Children spend hours trying to find the man in the moon, conspiracy theorists question whether the 1969 moon landing was staged and young lovers gaze into each other's eyes beneath its light. Bring even more of this mystery and romance to your garden with Moonlight® globe lights.

Moonlight globe lights are award-winning, commercial grade light fixtures that can be used outdoors. They are highly resistant to damage from moisture or rust. They emit a gentle glow, similar to that of the actual moon.

Available in surface mounted, pendant, or floating styles, Moonlights are very flexible. They can be used to light a patio, hung from tree branches, scattered across a lawn, or placed in a pool, pond or fountain. The lights are available in hard-wired or cordless battery operated models. You can even get pendant globes that have integrated speakers.

The most popular globe lights are basic white, but filters can be used to turn the lights any of 24 different colors when lit. There are also a variety of daylight colors to choose from, as well as stone look and art collection globes.

Next time you want to reach for a mysterious romance novel, take a look instead at Moonlight globe lights. Add them to your outdoor spaces and you'll find mystery and romance in your own life, instead of on the pages of a book.

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