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  • Iceberg, designed by Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci.
  • Tetris, designed by Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci.
  • Esferas, designed by Pablo Gironés Ferrer.
  • Piramide, designed by Jose A. Gandia.
  • Cubos, designed by Jose A. Gandia.
  • Kado, designed by Pedrali Lab.

Remember the little stars you stuck to your ceiling as a child? Or what about frantically trying to catch fireflies in a mason jar? For years kids have been fascinated by things that glow. Now adults can join in on the fun with these outdoor lighting options offered by Orange Skin.

Both creative and modern, these outdoor light fixtures will provide a soft glow for your outdoor living spaces. Some of the fixtures serve double duty as planters, seating or a bar, while others serve the sole purpose of illumination. All are weather resistant and super stylish.

Iceberg - Equipped with an internal lighting system, this modular bar or buffet looks great next to a pool or in a sophisticated garden.

Tetris - Another outdoor bar, this piece is available in a luminous version. There is an option to add a brushed stainless steel countertop. Made of white polyethylene this is a sustainable and recyclable product.

Esferas - Consisting of spheres stacked in a totem-like fashion, this fluorescent lamp gives off a hip vibe. A 12 foot cord is included.

Piramide - Giving off soft, dispersed light, this fixture is great for placing along a path to guide visitors to a destination. It is lit with fluorescent bulbs and powered by a 12 foot cord.

Cubos - Similar to Esferas, this fixture consists of polyethylene cubes stacked one on top of the other. Grouping three or more of these fixtures will create a dramatic impact.

Kado - Truly a “Jack of all trades” this product is a light, a planter and a seat. It is available in grey, bronze or white.

These lighting fixtures are available through Orange Skin in Chicago, but can be found at other US dealers.

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