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Custom Backyard Sheds

A New England Saltbox shed, from Pine Harbor

  • This Stony Brook shed was customized with transom windows, shutters and a flower box.
  • Double doors provide access for large items such as a ride-a-mower.
  • Cedar siding and a cupola give this shed a traditional New England appearance.
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Spiders, dust, clutter, rusted metal and warped plastic come to mind when you think of a backyard shed. Most often sheds are hidden far off in a corner of the yard, or tall trees are planted to screen it from view. However, you'll want to put a Pine Harbor shed in a prime location.

Sheds from Pine Harbor look so good that they may have you wanting to make improvements to your home. Not your average cookie-cutter shed, a Pine Harbor building will pull a detail from your house and use it in the design of your shed. This way it won't look like an afterthought.

The Stony Brook Saltbox is a popular design that echoes the architecture of the famous saltbox homes along the Atlantic coast. The shed has a rectangular footprint and sloped roof. The shed is available in sizes ranging from 6' x 8' up to 10' x 16'.

Its simple design allows for easy customization and upgrades. Depending on your access needs, you can get a single or double door. Door styles to choose from are beaded panel, curved beaded or beaded panel with glass top sash. A ramp is also a good option if you will be storing a ride-a-mower or wheel barrow. Siding options include cedar shingles, clapboards, or cement fiber. You'll also be able to select fixed or opening windows and add shutters and window boxes for a final touch. Cupolas and weathervanes can also be added to the roof of the shed.

Pine Harbor will direct you through the permitting and installation process for a Stony Brook shed. They'll advise you on location and site preparation and even build the shed for an additional fee. If you'd like to build the shed yourself, you can opt for the DIY kit which comes with everything you'll need, except tools.

If you're looking for a custom building, but don't want to hire an architect or builder, than Pine Harbor's Stony Brook shed is what you need. The outside will look as good, if not better than your home, now it's just up to you to keep the spiders, dust and clutter to a minimum.

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