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Contemporary Rockers

Modern Southerners will love this updated rocking chair, from Board by Design

  • The Windsorrondack is an updated version of the rocking chair.
  • A porch swing version of the chair is also available.
  • Red powder-coated steel and North Carolina walnut combine in this settee rocker.
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If you’ve lived in the South it’s likely that you have fond memories of lazy summer afternoons sitting in a rocker on the porch with a glass of sweet tea. The typical image that comes to mind is a stately home with a pair of traditional wooden rocking chairs. If you’re looking to add Southern charm to your porch, but with a modern twist, these are the chairs for you.

Board by Design handcrafts furniture that is modern, functional, creative and elegant. Simply put, these aren’t your grandma’s rocking chairs. Fabricated in Colorado, the chairs are made with eco-friendly products and methods. The combination of wood and powder-coated steel puts a unique spin on ordinary rocking chair.

Three rocker styles are offered by Board by Design: the Windsorrondack, the Windsorrondack Swing and the Settee Rocker. The name Windsorrondack is a mash-up of the Windsor rocking chair and an Adirondack chair, representing the combination of traditional with casual. The blades, legs and frame of the chair are made from powder-coated steel that can be finished in a variety of colors, while the seat, back and arms are made from high-quality, sustainable wood. Wood options include mahogany, ash (bleached or unbleached), walnut & North Carolina walnut.

The chairs have a crisp, clean design that is perfect for the modern Southerner that wants to give a nod to their childhood. According to its creators, it has a contemporary look, but sits like a traditional rocker. There’s also a kid-sized version of this chair for your little ones.

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