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Planter/Bench Combo

A bench & planter unite in this eco-friendly and stylish piece

  • This piece of furniture serves as a bench and a planter.
  • Angular lines with sharp creases and intersections unite the two materials.
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Look out in the's a bench, it's a's Blafu Design's "14 Carats" garden bench. While kryptonite is not the secret behind this bench/planter combo, its multipurpose, space saving design does make it an urban gardener's superhero.

The modern and functional bench is made from lightweight glass reinforced concrete, reclaimed Douglas fir and steel. The concrete has been polished to create a smooth finish with crisp edges. In the same way, the wood is joined, cut and sanded to create a flush, sharp look. The materials contrast visually with each other.

The planter is large enough to grow a dwarf citrus tree or whatever other botanical beauties delight you. The handmade bench/planter is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Currently for sale on Etsy for $2,650.00 - a small price to pay for a bench that's cooler than a teenage pop star, more sustainable than a hybrid car and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound (okay, the last one's a stretch).

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