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  • Steel fire logs have a more authentic look by day and night.
  • Flames dance through cracks and holes in the logs.
  • After the logs warm up, they radiate heat into the surrounding area.
  • The latest addition to their designs is called the Collapsed Stack. It is meant for the user that would like to enjoy the benefits of our steel logs but with a lower profile.

A trip to the grocery store reveals many products attempting to be what they are not: turkey bacon, chicken-less chicken, sugar substitutes, soy milk and the list goes on and on. If you’ve tried them, you know that many of these imitations do not even come close to the real deal.

The same is true for ceramic log sets. They clearly do not look like real wood and they don’t produce the same heat. Jamie Todd, of Rocky Mountain Ironworks (RMI), noticed this problem and went about creating a much better substitute for wood. Steel log sets from RMI look much more authentic and radiate more heat than their ceramic predecessors.

The steel log sets can be installed in outdoor fireplaces or fire pits that are fueled by natural gas or propane. Each log features cracks and holes through which the flames dance, creating a mesmerizing visual. “In addition to all of the artistic and functional advantages our logs have on their ceramic counterparts, they will last 2-3 times longer and like a fine wine, actually get better over time,” says Todd. As rust develops on the logs it adds character and makes them look more like real wood.

Another major benefit of RMI’s steel logs is that they increase the heat produced by your fire feature. “In general, it gets at least 10-15 degrees warmer in a seating area around an open fire pit. After about 20-30 minutes of the fire heating the logs, it becomes very comfortable in a circle about 6-8 feet away which is how far chairs are usually arranged,” Todd explains. One customer with an outdoor fireplace beneath their deck, replaced their ceramic logs with steel ones and immediately noticed a difference. Before they had to use a propane heater along with the fireplace to heat the space, but now the steel logs keep the space plenty warm on their own.

The logs are crafted one at a time by metal artists using recycled steel. “Our log sets are made to order based on the geometry of the customer’s fire pit or fire place,” Todd says. High intensity torches are used to transform scrap metal into works of art that will receive many complements from your friends when entertaining. Installing the logs is simple enough for homeowners to do themselves; each set is shipped with directions on how this process works. According to Todd it's not much more difficult than if you had real wood and were building a tee-pee for a campfire. Once installed the logs are sturdy and have even withstood 70-80 mph winds in Colorado.

Unlike horrible food substitutes and ceramic logs, RMI’s steel logs stand in a class of their own. If local codes have you tied to a gas fire pit or fireplace, you can now get a more traditional wood fire feeling with steel logs. This is one product that actually is a good substitute for the real deal.

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