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  • Groovebox designs ship flat and assemble without tools.
  • The inside of the fire pit can be filled with the material of your choice.
  • When not in use, simple cover the pit with the wooden top for use as a table.

Smartphones have become essential to many people because they are multi-functional. You can talk, text, email, surf the web, take photos, play games and listen to music all with one device. Groovebox Modern Furniture proves that this same concept of multi-functionality can be applied to outdoor furniture.

According to their website, “Groovebox is a simple, multi-functional object that can be used as a fire pit, table, stool and planter.” A variety of configurations are available, according to your needs and available space. Each piece consists of an aluminum base and a wood top. The aluminum can be powder-coated charcoal, brown, orange or made to look like unfinished steel.

Fuel options for the fire pit feature of their products include ethanol, natural gas, propane, or wood. You can choose to top off your fire pit with whatever material you desire. Groovebox suggests fire crystals or ceramic stones. When not in use, the fire pit can be covered with the wood top and used for other purposes.

Groovebox items are unique because they ship in a flat pack and assemble easily without any tools or fasteners. The materials used are sustainable and suited to withstand outdoor living.

So if you love your smartphone, you’re likely to love the products offered by Groovebox Modern Furniture. Now all they need is an app that will let you turn on the fire pit from inside your house before venturing out.

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