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Fireboulders are hand-carved from natural stone.

These days if you can claim your product is all natural, it seems you’re sure to sell like hot cakes. There’s a plethora of all-natural foods, baby products, beauty supplies, clothing, pet food…you name it. While not as widespread, more homeowners are opting for natural products in their landscapes as well, whether this is for maintenance or construction.

If you’re looking for a unique fire feature that friends and family can gather round, but you don’t want a large brick fireplace or a concrete fire ring, you can opt instead for a Fireboulder. Fireboulders are natural stone boulders that have been hand carved and plumbed to burn natural gas or propane. The stone comes from a quarry in Indiana, different colors and sizes are available.

When purchasing a Fireboulder you will receive an email with photos of all the boulders available in your requested size. You then can select the boulder whose shape and color appeal to you most. A circular area will be hollowed out in the boulder for a stainless steel fire ring which can be covered with decorative lava rock, colored glass or another filler.

Fireboulders typically have a flat top so that you can rest a drink or comfortably take a seat near the flames. You may also have a water feature integrated into your Fireboulder. Or if you’d like to forgo the fire, stand-alone water boulders are also available.

So if you’re sick of artificial products and over-built landscapes, a Firboulder is a great, natural solution. You’ll still get the atmosphere of a fire pit, but it will be incognito as a boulder. As we know from a certain soft drink company, there’s nothing like the real thing.

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