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  • The Block Fire Pit in white linen.
  • A red Block Fire Pit displayed at the 2011 ASLA Expo.

Finish Options:

  • Powder Coat Rust
  • Powder Coat White Linen
  • Powder Coat Metallic Silver
  • Powder Coat Red
  • Powder Coat Silver
  • Powder Coat Charcoal Gray
  • Powder Coat Black
  • Powder Coat Bronze
  • Natural Rust Steel Patina
  • Oxidized Zinc Finish Patina

Note: Custom powder coat colors available for an additional charge.

It's a Friday night and you and a friend head off to your favorite local hangout. You notice they've got a new fire pit on the patio, so you grab a glass of wine and have a seat. Just when you've started to enjoy the warmth of the flames, the taste of the wine and the comfortableness of the conversation, two strangers sit down on the opposite side of the fire pit. For the next few hours you sit through an awkward conversation about the upcoming Harry Potter and Twilight films. You could have avoided this if you had your own Block Fire Pit at home.

When you hear "block fire pit" it's likely you think of a do-it-yourself fire ring made of CMUs or retaining wall blocks that's functional, but not necessarily attractive or stylish. Get that image out of your head, because this Block Fire Pit from Ore Incorporated is a custom-made piece with a sleek, modern aesthetic.

Handcrafted out of recycled steel or aluminum, this fire pit is available in wood-burning, gas or bioethanol models. If you'd like to burn wood, opt for the steel construction, it will weather the heat better. If you want to burn gas or bioethanol, powder-coated aluminum is perfect. For the gas model a burner kit will need to be purchased separately as well as decorative filler. For the bioethanol model you'll need an Ecosmart "Burner One," which fits into the fire pit opening.

The Block Fire Pit measures 36" x 36" and is 15" tall. Its wide top makes it perfect for doubling as a coffee table when not in use. Additionally, its unique design makes it appear as if it is floating a few inches above the ground. The steel model weighs 130 pounds, while the aluminum model weighs 59 pounds. These relatively light weights make it easy to install and move if necessary. Custom sizes are available at an additional charge.

The cost of the Block Fire Pit is $1100, which is a small price to pay for not having to listen to strangers talk about Harry Potter and Twilight. Plus, you'll get countless hours of enjoyment with family and friends.

Ore Incorporated

North Salt Lake City, UT
(801) 936-0499

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