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Modular Lattice Screens

Wooden privacy panels with modern designs

  • Fence topper - pattern D140.
  • Privacy screen - pattern D241.
  • Fence - pattern P150.
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Remember the digital rain from the movie Matrix? All those green letters and symbols blurring past on the screen? That's what I thought of when I first saw these lattice screens. Let's just hope that installing them at your home won't skew your perception of reality.

Modulatis, from LatticeStix, comes in over 100 different patterns and can be used for gates, fencing, privacy screens, trellises, or wall décor. Whether you are a fan of Mid-century modern, Chinese, art deco, or modernist design there is a lattice pattern for you. Try using a Modulatis panel to extend the height of your fence, or as a visually unique privacy screen for your porch.

LatticeStix products are made using Poplar, Western Red Cedar or Mahogany. The screens can be ordered untreated, primed or finished with a redwood stain. No nails, staples or screws are used in the construction of the lattice panels, instead hardwood dowels and waterproof glue are used to join the pieces together.

So put up a few panels outside your living room window and have a Matrix marathon without your neighbors thinking you are weird, or have really strange taste in movies.

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