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  • Greenscreen fence panels used for a low fence.
  • A Greenscreen fence that has been covered in a flowering vine.
  • Greenscreen panels being used on the rear of a patio cover for added privacy and shade.

Have you ever built a fence? It takes a lot of hard work. Post holes must be dug, the posts must be anchored in concrete, then the actual fencing material has to be installed. Now you can avoid this back breaking work by growing a fence.

If you like the idea of living walls, you'll love a living fence. Greenscreen's freestanding trellis fences allow plants to climb up and cover them completely. The three dimensional wire trellising system is made entirely from recycled steel. The fence panels are offered in four foot widths and heights ranging from six feet to fourteen feet. Custom sizes are also available.

Greenscreen fencing requires less materials and labor than a traditional fence. The panels can be attached to a wooden frame, metal posts, stone columns etc. Once they are installed, simply plant climbing plants at the base and watch them grow and fill in your fence. After a few years you will have a fence that is covered entirely in green plants. These freestanding fence panels can also be used as privacy screens. If you are concerned with privacy select a fast-growing vine that will fill in quickly and create a visual barrier.

The Greenscreen system comes in a variety of finishes. Color options include green, black, silver and white gloss finish and green and black matte, wrinkle finish. Custom powder coat colors are available upon request. Greenscreen panels can also be used for adding interest and shade to a building façade, creating a shade structure roof that will easily support climbing vines and more.

Greenscreen panels are not heavy which makes for easy and efficient installation. A few experienced construction or landscape workers can install the panels easily. So, rather than spending many back breaking hours digging post holes or paying an outrageous amount to have someone do it for you, install Greenscreen freestanding fence panels and watch your fence grow before your eyes.

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