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Lightweight Concrete Fencing

Textured precast fence panels and columns from RhinoRock

  • RhinoRock concrete fencing is affordable, beautiful and durable.

The rhinoceros is known for its strength, size and thick protective skin. Rhinos easily reach a ton or more in weight. Back in 1999, a team of concrete fence manufacturers in Utah decided that there were many qualities about rhinos that applied to concrete fencing, but weight didn't need to be one of them. So they created a fence system that is incredibly strong and has a nearly impenetrable exterior shell, without weighing as much as a rhino.

Concrete fencing from RhinoRock is affordable, durable and easy to install. Each panel and column is textured to look like European castle stone and can be stained any color after installation. Once installed and colored to coordinate with your home, it will look as if you have a custom-built masonry wall surrounding your property. The panels are effective on flat ground as well as sloped sites.

When compared to traditional materials such as wood or wrought iron, concrete fencing is an incredibly low-maintenance option. Concrete won't warp, rot or become infested with termites. RhinoRock's panels have been tested thoroughly for durability in wind and freeze thaw conditions. An installed RhinoRock fence will stand strong at wind speeds over 100 miles per hour. Additionally, the concrete shell can undergo 200 freeze thaw cycles with damage.

Two more big benefits of RhinoRock concrete fencing are that the panels weigh less and cost less. Weighing 230 pounds each, the panels are up to 90% lighter than other concrete fencing systems and can be moved easily by two men. This is because they are made with a foam core and a thin fiber reinforced concrete shell. Because less concrete is used to produce each panel, the material savings translates into a 25% money savings for homeowners.

So if you're looking for a fence that is affordable, beautiful and durable, but doesn't weigh a ton, look no further. All the best qualities of the rhinoceros have been incorporated into RhinoRock concrete fencing and all the worst qualities have been left behind.

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