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Easy-to-Install Bamboo Fencing

Prefabricated bamboo rolled fencing, from Bamboo Fencer

  • The Bamboo Friendly Fence can be installed right over an existing chain link fence for added privacy and improved appearance.
  • For a more custom look, the bamboo rolls can be installed in a wooden framework.
  • A bamboo fence, dyed a mahogany color, was installed on this rooftop because it is lightweight, yet durable.
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Do you eat sushi more than once a week? Are you a green tea connoisseur? Have you ever been tempted to put a Hello Kitty pillow on your bed? If cartoons aren't your thing, do you rearrange furniture according to the principles of fung shui? Are you just not the same without your daily dose of yoga? Have you ever hung paper lanterns for a party, or just because you like them?

Whether or not you're a fan of Asian food and culture, bamboo is an excellent fencing material. The Bamboo Friendly Fence is a simple, inexpensive, stylish and sustainable rolled fence from Bamboo Fencer. The eight foot long panels are made up of sturdy and flexible poles fixed together with internal galvanized steel wire. The poles are available in ¾ inch, 1 inch and 2 inch thicknesses, while height options range from 3 feet to 8 feet. Bamboo Friendly Fencing is offered in three colors: natural, mahogany and black.

Bamboo Friendly Fence is a unique product because it comes in easy-to-install prefabricated rolls. The fencing can simply be unrolled and attached to an existing chain link fence, or a customized wooden framework can be built. Both ways, most of the work has already been done and your fence will go up much faster than one built from traditional wood pickets. Plus, once installed, a bamboo fence has a lifespan of up to twenty years.

Another excellent benefit of using bamboo as your fencing material is that it is far more sustainable than cedar. Bamboo is a renewable product, which means that once harvested, it continues to grow and replenishes itself quickly. The bamboo poles used by Bamboo Fencer are harvested every three years. On the other hand, cedar takes 40 years to grow and once harvested is dead, meaning you have to start over with a new tree.

Even if Hello Kitty and sushi aren't your things, we're willing to bet you'd like a bamboo fence. You can't beat a material that is simple, inexpensive, stylish, sustainable and versatile.

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